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Earn Money Every Day

In finance term, leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital to increase the potential return of an investment. If you already have a mortgage, you are already leveraging on other people’s (the bank) money. You use as little money to get a significant, positive impact on your net worth. I am sure you can appreciate why real estate investment makes you more money than working full time all your life.

Besides leveraging on other people’s money which requires some initial capital, we can leverage on other people’s time, work, experiences and ideas. I am sure you’ve heard it before…people living the life of their dreams without working or just working only part time!

You can achieve it through leveraging and it is the main reason why I was attracted to the network marketing business model. It is the best and very simple way to start your journey towards financial freedom.

In my previous career as senior management in Asia Pacific, I had a great income but I realized that the companies that I worked for are leveraging on my time, my experiences and my talent. I am trading my own time which is limited by 24 hours a day to earn my income. They are not going to pay me if I stop working.

Then, I discovered the idea of having a home business that gives me a 24/7 mall without walls and a solution to convert daily spending into earning. So, I decided to embark on this amazing business model that was built on leveraging the time and efforts of people who are passionate to be successful.