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Advantages Hard Money Lenders

We at PB Financial Group Corporation have been the hard money lenders for hundreds of individuals who require immediate funds for professional real estate deals. We have been closely working with real estate realtors, dealers, builders and veteran investors. As hard money lenders we facilitate all sorts of unconventional loans for real estate projects of various scales, on all property types including residential, commercial, multifamily, and land. As hard money lenders, usually in a year we clear hundreds of hard money loans. Our clients work with us year after year possessing excellent Customer Retention Rate (CRR).

PB Financial Group Corporation facilitate loans with an uncomplicated submission process, quick underwriting and swift closings, and are specially intended for your special circumstantial needs. In the past years we have facilitated many people obtaining the requisite financing they are looking for, and will work with you to come up with a loan solution that is personally tailored for your individual situation. Generally most loan application / cases close in less than a week with little more than a simple application and credit report. We make sure that if the property meets the requirements and the loan makes sense for the borrower, we’ll be geared up to clear it right away.

We as ‘hard money lenders’ at a glance –

  • We will steer you through the lending process in whatever circumstances you are in financially or credit report wise. The good news is that we definitely have a tailor made solution for you.
  • We quickly clear loans, many times it in just couple of days only depending on the case to case scenario.
  • We make your loan clearance straightforward i.e. no more complex bank paperwork.
  • We help you to outshine in your real estate career taking it to new heights.

So if you have any requirement of hard money lenders or want to get a hard money loan then PB Financial Group Corporation has the finest loan choices for you. We offer hard money loans in California to realty investors throughout the country.